Riding the Wave of Fluctuating Fashion

 By:: Krystaline Sakwanomtewa 

Krystaline has written and published for major News Outlets, Publications, and Magazines, both as a Staff Writer, and as a Freelancer. Former member of the Press. Current Editor-in-Chief of Starlight Sentinel Publications.

XO MAL1 (Xavier Malone) was born on a colorful fall day in 1987 in Las Cruces New Mexico. There he would grow up and seed what has now become his passion, and chosen path in life, the creation of great methods of ‘Self-Expression’ through the waves of Fluctuating Fashion that we surf in our existence. On a cold winter morning I met up with this designer after having requested this interview for a while, getting Xavier to sit for an interview is a non-possibility, due to his constant ‘Creative Spark’, always in Motion, always in Flow. Hence, this reporter opted for an all-day ‘tag-along mission’ as Xavier called it, to get all the questions in, and have frank and honest conversations. 

‘In middle school, I resorted to altering the clothes I was handed-down to fit me. I had to put patches over holes on the knees, cause that is what kids do, we put miles on our clothing. I did this all by hand’ Says Xo Mal1. ‘Really what was a turning point for me was being a part of the Theatre Magnet Program; I was a Bad Ass Stage Director. Took care of stage props, costumes and clothing, backdrops, everything.’

XO continues: 

‘My skills really grew in High School. I took a sewing class and expanded my skills into quilting, my creativity was opened and then later I was exposed to graphic design and got into T-Shirts.  I think that really a big Milestone for me was meeting the owner (and creator) of Seedless Clothing. He stopped me one day, I was wearing a Limited Edition T-Shirt of his, and he asked me for it. He was the designer that made it. We had a long inspiring conversation and then he said to me… Do you know who I am? I was like “No”, he said “ I am Shea McComb ‘McAdams’ the creator of all these clothes.” It was the first time I met a Designer who’s work I admired in person, which made it a special turning point for me.’

 What makes this Designer and Creator different is that he is really ‘Down-to-Earth’ and approachable; with a ‘Genuine Aura’ about him. As a personal observation from this reporter, after spending a whole day with him, Xo Mal1 comes across as an easy going, simple hearted, and approachable guy. Everyone that we encountered today on his errands, whether known to him or not, called him a ‘Rock Star’, and left his presence with a smile. 

‘I got really into making shirts and jackets in my garage for concerts and events with my brother, and later in life I would go to prison for a series of bad decisions that would still somehow put me right onto the path that was designed for ME by destiny. I took a job in Correctional Industries where uniforms and other apparel for inmates was made after I was recommended there due to my already famous practice of repurposing old sweats and clothing and making new creations. I REALLY took off on a different level when I had access to machinery and equipment specifically designed to make apparel. I learned how to make pants and shirts, jumpsuits, jackets, and any apparel for inmates at the New Mexico Department of Corrections, for the whole state.'


I want people to stand out, to be wearing the UN-ORDINARY as an expression of Self thru Fashion, which doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to just threads.  


‘Following my heart. Making designs that speak to me, expressing myself in the designs by putting a piece of me in it.’ Says XO 


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